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Solidar Optical Laboratory will provide your customers with the latest extreme high definition anti-reflection coatings, mirror coatings, and digital lenses.

Solidar Elite Lens Series

The Solidar Elite lens design represents our most advanced creation of lens development. It incorporates the latest in aberration correction software to maximize the position of wear principles, resulting in outstanding visual resolution. It is the flagship of our FreeForm technology.

Our Solidar Elite features an optimization of extremely wide viewing areas and instantaneous viewing comfort. Whether a wearer is viewing distant, intermediate or close objects, these lenses provide exceptional clarity and relaxed vision. We have received consistent “Wow!” feedback when wearers try out these lenses.

How is the Advanced Series different?

The Advanced is a group of 3 designs, each of which is optimized for different needs. This is the evolution of an already superior product. The Solidar Advanced builds on the success of our Solidar FF lens with enlarged reading areas and seamless vision. The Advanced makes dispensing easy, while enabling the dispenser to optimize the lens design to perfectly suit the needs of each wearer as desired.

While the Solidar FF was based on a single design philosophy, the Advanced uses German based designs with our proprietary enhancements for unparalleled results.

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Solidar Advanced

Solidar Advanced is an excellent choice for general purpose needs. With a reading area wider than the FF, the Solidar Advanced is a natural replacement for any other lens design.

Solidar Advanced DE

Solidar Advanced DE is primarily for distance use and active lifestyles. With ultra-clear distance, the Advanced DE is most suitable for driving, sports, biking, golfing, and sunglass wear.

Solidar Advanced RE

Solidar Advanced RE is intended for extended near viewing activities and serves as a general purpose alternative. The Advanced RE offers the largest reading area compared to conventional lenses.