Solidar Blue Premium


Solidar Blue Premium

Solidar Blue lenses reflect harmful blue light away from the eyes, while ensuring the good blue light we need for optimal health is allowed to pass through. In fact, 100% of potentially cancer-causing rays are blocked by this premium lens.

Certain parts of the light spectrum can be harmful to the eyes—specifically, blue light. However, there is “good” blue light and “bad” blue light. Good blue light helps the body’s biorhythms and sleep patterns. The bad blue light emitted by back-lit handheld devices, smart phones, laptops, LED lighting and TVs is associated with health issues. Conditions such as computer vision syndrome, digital eye strain, sleep disorders, headaches, blurred vision, fatigue, cataracts and macular degeneration appear to be linked to overexposure to blue light. Studies indicate that cancer may also be related to overexposure.

Blue light can actually be seen reflecting off our lenses. By reducing blue light entering the eyes, our Solidar Blue lens provides a strain-free visual experience when using electronic devices.

Unlike other products on the market that have a yellow tint, Solidar Blue is clear for maximum clarity and aesthetics. Offered as a complete product only (lens, scratch coating, and AR), Solidar Blue provides the solution needed for today’s digital age. Demonstrations are available to show how much better Solidar Blue protects compared to other products on the market. Using the blue-light pens that are becoming popular, you can clearly see how Solidar Blue provides full protection up to 420nm and selectively up to 450nm for optimal health. Solidar Blue is available in our complete product line. Call today and start protecting your patients with Solidar Blue.