Solidar Anti-Reflective Coatings


Solidar Anti-Reflective Coatings

Solidar Lab is one of the most technicologically advanced coating labs in America. In fact, the name come from “Solid-AR” and represents the lab’s original commitment to bringing the most durable and dependable AR coatings to the marketplace.

Solidar offers the latest technological advancements in premium anti-reflective coatings. The result is a product that is more durable and easier to clean. Our process is ion-assisted, multi-layered and super slick. This coating reduces glare and reflection, allowing more light to pass through the lens and reach the eye. It is smudge, scratch and water resistant.

Solidar Ultra AR (HE) : Provides maximum durability and scratch resistance for enhanced longevity of the lens.

Solidar Ultra builds on the AR foundation with a technologically advanced, thermal cured, zirconium hard coat, using the dip method. The Ultra is composed of 12 bonded layers, using proprietary chemistry, formulated for exceptional durability and performance. A super hydro-phobic top-coat insures ease of cleaning.

Solidar Advanced AR (E) : Relying on your in-house or factory-applied hardcoat, we provide you the flexibility to use any lens style, material or substrate—including glass in edged or uncut form.

The Solidar Advanced AR Coating uses proprietary spin coat and has many of the same anti-reflective properties as the Ultra. It is an excellent choice when a dip coat is not required.

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