High Definition Lenses

Solidar BASIC

An Excellent Entry Level Progressive

The Solidar Basic is an excellent all-purpose lens. Progressive designs are seldom absolutely “hard” or absolutely “soft,” but strive instead for a balance between the two. The Solidar Basic employs a softer design in the distance periphery to improve dynamic peripheral vision, and uses a harder design in the near periphery to ensure a wide field of near vision. This “hybrid” design sensibly combines the best features of both “hard” and “soft.”

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Balanced Design Best for Everyday Wear

The Solidar Advanced builds on the success of our Solidar Basic lens with enlarged reading areas and seamless vision. The Solidar Advanced is a well-balanced progressive lens for everyday wear. The Advanced makes dispensing easy, while enabling the dispenser to optimize the lens design to perfectly suit the needs of each wearer as desired. It’s the perfect design for new users and it’s available in four distinct designs. The Advanced Balanced, providing the perfect balance between near and distance with a wider reading area than the Basic; the Advanced DE (Distance Enhanced); the Advanced RE (Reading Enhanced); and the Advanced Short, with a shorter corridor.

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Solidar ELITE

The Solidar Elite design offers a wide vision for all areas and a comfortable change between near and far vision for an outstanding all around vision. This design incorporates the latest in aberration correction software to ensure the position of wear principles are maximized, resulting in outstanding visual resolution.

To create the most comfortable High Definition FF design to date, the Solidar Elite Series features an optimization of extremely wide viewing areas and instantaneous viewing comfort. All viewing tasks from distance to intermediate to near are refined to provide exceptional clarity and relaxed vision. Wearer trials have returned consitent “WOW” feedback not seen since the introduction of freeform technology. Your view will be really natural and you‘ll even be able to read small digital information. Independent of the lifestyle, the Elite design will meet your highest expectations.

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Solidar ELITE 4K

Superior Clarity, Smoothest Transitions!

The Elite 4K is our premier lens. It has improved transitions between all visual zones, and patented point-file software to ensure the refraction on the inside of the lens is calculated to match the prescription perfectly. This design has a higher resolution that permits an easy adaption for every customer due to a even lower aberration than already known from our previous designs.

The Elite 4K has achieved the remarkable goal of neutralizing, to the greatest extent possible, the five principal error inherent in off-axis vision: spherical aberration, oblique astigmatism, distortion, coma, and curvature of field. The correction of these optical errors appears as complex surface topography that provides eceptional vision, making the Elite 4K as close to wearing a single vision lens as possible. It’s everything your patients want in a progressive lens!

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Solidar Office Lens

The Solidar Office is an optimized reading lens with the ability to have clear vision in the mid-distance zone too. The useable distance can be controlled by the dynamic power of the office lens. The less dynamic power the lens has, the more it can also be used for distance. We offer several Office progressives that are specifically designed for computer and office use. These lenses offer enhanced intermediate and near viewing zones, at the expense of distance utility.

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Solidar I-Relax

Reduce Eye Strain, Ideal for Students

Different eyeglasses accomplish different effects and no lens is best suited for all activities. If you do spend an extended period of time doing task specific activities, such as reading, desk work or computer work, you may benefit from task specific glasses. “Mild Add” lenses are intended as a primary pair replacement for patients wearing single vision lenses. These lenses are recommended for 18-40 year old myopes experiencing symptoms of eye fatigue. The benefits are a power boost to reduce eyestrain for close-up activities & greater comfort than standard vision correction lenses.

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Solidar Sportsman Round28

Invisible Digital Bifocal Ideal for Close-Up Tasks

The Sportsman provides high definition, distortion free performance for both near and far vision and is virtually invisible because it’s on the backside of the lens.

The Sportsman Digital Bifocal, made exclusively by Solidar Optical Labs, is the perfect solution for the outdoorsman who needs to focus on close-up tasks while maintaining a wide field of distance vision. It’s ideal for the fisherman tying a lure, as well as bicyclists, mountain climbers, photographers and other sportmen and sportswomen. It’s available as prescription sunglasses in a wide array of colors and coatings.

  • Outstanding field of view for distance vision
  • Available in all Lens materials
  • Up to Add 5.00
  • Near Vision Segment: 28mm
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Thin-Tech Elite 4K

The Thin-Tech lens design creates the perfect balance between visual performance (function) and thinner lenses (fashion). Our patented lens design software analyzes frame construction, wrap angle, prescription and associated measurements to provide an optimized visual zone, while incorporating position of wear Rx compensation for the best vision. And, our patented thinning algorithm assures the thinnest lens possible for a fashionable appearance.  Thin-Tech offers a significant reduction of lens center and edge thickness, thereby reducing overall weight. Customers can now choose fashionable wrap frames with the assurance of visual excellence and appearance.

  • Thin-Tech Elite 4K All Purpose lens design provides a balance between distance and near portions of the lens.
  • Thin-Tech Sport Far Enhanced lens design enhances the distance field of vision to provide a wide view for sport activities.

Thin-Tech Golf

The Thin-Tech Golf design enhances the mid distance field of vision to provide an enhanced usability for activities requiring a mid distance viewing zone such as focusing on the golf ball for your best drive. The Thin-tech Golf design is based on trifocal progressives with distinct distance, intermediate, and near viewing zones. Now you can have perfect vision when tee’ing off, tracking your shot down the fairway, and reading your score card!